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Exclusive for TheName.co.uk customers

On 10th June 2014, the uk registry opened the second level .uk, making it possible to register .uk domain names. It created a mechanism known as "Right of registration" which means that the existing .co.uk owner gets first priority (or .org.uk etc if the equivalent .co.uk name isn't registered). You can read more here http://www.dotuklaunch.uk.

I own
We will register the .uk domain to the same entity that holds the prior right as shown on the whois. Note that there are stricter data accuracy requirements for .uk domains. All .uk domain owners must provide a UK address for service. If you are unable to meet the requirements for a .uk domain then we will issue a full refund.
If you already have a .co.uk domain name then you can sign up for the .uk version of your name now.
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